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Recessed Handles

flush ring pull handle
  • flush ring pull handle
  • Product Name: flush ring pull handle
  • Material:stainless steel

    Finish:Brush nickel,bright, all avaliable


Detailed Product Description

flush ring pull handle

flush ring pull handle

There is no denying of the fact that stainless steel is the part and parcel of everyone's life. Right from a small needle to the sophisticated part of a space shuttle, majority of the items contain a varying percentile of steel. With the perfect blend of ultra modern techniques and a strong army of trained engineers, 


· Replaces/upgrades factory issue parts

· Stainless steel handle provides superior strength

· Foam grip for additional comfort

· Simple to install

· Single Panel Doors Are Constructed With 304 Stainless Steel With Solid Frames And Fully Adjustable Hinges

· Drawers Are Constructed With Commercial Quality Stainless Steel With Solid Frames, Full Enclosures, And Full Length Drawer Tracks

· Frame Corners Are Fully Welded, Ground Smooth And Blended With A Brushed Finish"

· Handle Display

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